Saturday, 11 July 2015

It's here

Hello dragon fans. Zookie and I are very excited about the forthcoming release of The Wearle on October 1st, just... two and a half months away! I know you've already seen the cover in the last post we put up, but there's nothing like seeing that image on an actual book.  So here it is.
We love the way that the shape of the wing creates a kind of cavemouth for the titling. And the colours are just awesome, aren't they? There is a reason for all that blue.  The dragon pictured is Gabrial (the hero) and he's known as 'a blue'.  When you join the story, he's on the verge of his tenth birthday, when he's expected to get some green in his scales (though he never will - Zookie likes him blue!)  I wish I could tell you more about the story, but I have to wait for the okay from my publishers.  When that happens, we'll put the first chapter up right here.  So keep following! Zookie also wants me to tell you that there is a character list AND a glossary of terms in the book. Some of the words in the glossary will be familiar to fans of the Chronicles, but there are lots of new and interesting ones as well.  We'll try to give you an exclusive peek of that too.  Hold tight.  It's coming!  Bye for now.  Hrrr!

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