Saturday, 30 August 2014

WEARLE update

Hi everyone.  I know it's an awful long time between posts these days, but thanks for staying with me. 
The reason for the delays is that I've been working flat out on The UNICORNE Files for the past two years ( This series has been quite a departure for me and the books have taken a lot of effort to get right.  If you don't know what the UFiles is, take a look at the link and it will all become clear.
During the periods when I've been waiting for editorial feedback on the UFiles, I've been steadily working on The Wearle, and I'm happy to say I've finished book one.  Now don't get too excited (well, okay, a little bit!) because it will be another year before it hits the shelves.  But for all of you who liked the Chronicles or like dragons in general, start chewing your lip now.
Over the next few months, work will probably begin on the cover artwork.  So watch out for that popping up on Zookie's pad.  Not sure what the title of the book will be yet.  'The Wearle' was originally conceived as a series title, but I like it so much I'm going to push for it as the title of book one anyway.  I'm meeting my editor at Orchard books in September and I'll know more after that.
The Wearle is different in almost every respect from TLDC.  No clay dragons, but PLENTY of big ones!  The story is told in five sections, three of them through the dragons' eyes.  The dragons are very much in command in this book; believe me, you would not want to mess with them!  There are 'human' characters too (the dragons call them the 'Hom') who weave in and out of the narrative, and there are heroes and villains on both sides.  You will meet some proper nasty dragons in this book.  Most of them are noble and good, but there are some aggressive ones too.  (I wanted to keep it 'real', if you know what I mean?)
There are also a few 'nods' to TLDC.  For instance, all the dragon names begin with a 'G'.  And one of the principle female dragon characters is called Gossana - not a million miles away in tone from a certain sybil that everyone loved to hate :)
Guys, I am CONVINCED you will like this book.  It's a simple story, but really neat.  It's quite short, around about 50,000 words.  Get ready to growl at me, though, because if you like it, it's going to leave you gasping for more.  Yes, you've guessed, there is a HORRIBLE cliffhanger at the end.  But I will be starting work on book two early in 2015.  So things will get resolved fairly quickly.
Zookie says hrrr! by the way.  He has been really hard at work on The Wearle, and though he doesn't feature in it, he's really quite proud of it.  No movie news yet, but he's combing his top knot in hope!
Happy reading.  Hrrr!

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