Sunday, 5 January 2014

Today's word is: WEARLE

Hello world.  Or rather, hello people who follow this blog.  It's been a long time since one of us left a message on the notepad.  You'd be forgiven for thinking Gadzooks was in stasis - but he's not.  He's just been pacing and pondering and getting ready for our next big dragon project, which he's asked me to tell you something about.
As always, it is a little something, because the conditions of our publishing contracts forbid us to say too much.  But we hope our followers will be pleased to know that from tomorrow, January 6th, we will be starting work on a series called THE WEARLE.
Those of you familiar with the The Last Dragon Chronicles will know that a 'wearle' is the name we use for a colony of dragons.  So there's your biggest clue.  That's what the series is about, the life and adventures of a colony of dragons.  At present, there are two books scheduled, but if the series becomes even half as successful as the Chronicles I suspect there will be more.  These stories will be about 'natural' dragons.  No Pennykettle clay characters popping up here, though many of the terms will be familiar to regular readers - auma, isoscele, wearling (of course).  In The Wearle you can expect a lot more descriptions like that.  Also, no David or Lucy in these books.  There will be humanoid characters, but the main focus is definitely on the dragons themselves.
When can you expect to see the first book?  Hmm.  It's going to be a while, I'm afraid.  I am not scheduled to deliver the first manuscript until the end of October 2014 and it will take at least another six months for the the book to be published.  But don't despair.  Zookie will keep updating the notepad and in the meantime you'll be able to get into another new series called THE UNICORNE FILES.  You may remember me mentioning Unicorne back in the dim and distant past.  Well, it's finally happening.  The first book, A Dark Inheritance, is complete.  It comes out in the USA as early as May and is available to preorder now at places like Barnes & Noble online, or Amazon.  It publishes in the UK in August 2014.  If you want to know more about the series, follow this link theunicornefiles which will take you to a blog dedicated to the series.
Anyway, guys, it's been great talking to you again. We'll be back soon! Happy New Year and, as Zookie would always say, happy reading!  Hrrr!

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