Friday, 30 November 2012

Today's word is: DAMIAN

Wa-hey! If you read Wednesday's blog post 'NEXT' you'll have discovered news about my next project THE UNICORNE FILES.  As you'll see, I did it via a Q&A called THE NEXT BIG THING.  Authors who take part in this blog 'meme' are supposed to tag two others to continue the chain.  Up until yesterday, I could only find one, the2steves.  Well now I've found another!
I first met Damian Harvey many years ago at a writers' conference.  Back then he was an aspiring picture book author, just dipping his toe into the publishing arena.  Now he is extremely well published as you'll see if you click on his name, which will take you to his impressive website.  He also tweets as @DamianJHarvey. Damian, like the Steves, is also a prolific visitor to schools and libraries throughout the UK.  So if you're looking for an author to come and entertain your primary school children, he's your man.
Now, Zookie and I have to go and write more of THE UNICORNE FILES.  So until next time, happy reading.  Hrrr!

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