Sunday, 3 June 2012

This week's word is: STASIS

Hello, dragon fans. You may have wondered why there was no blog post last Sunday. This is simply because since we finished the Chronicles the household has gone into a kind of stasis, not dissimilar to that which you read about in THE FIRE ETERNAL during David's disappearance. The dragons are closing down for a while, and although Gadzooks is still very active in my mind, even he is having a rest. This does not mean that the blog is coming to an end, but it too will enter semi-stasis mode while we are working on new ideas.  So don't fret if the posts aren't weekly for a while.  There will be gaps over the next four months.  Zookie has never been one of those bloggers who just wants to ramble on about nothing in particular, but if any important information comes to us, he will post it.

This is where we are at the moment with the books.  THE FIRE ASCENDING has been published in hardback in the UK for two months and the USA for one.  We've had a lot of excellent feedback on it and we welcome more.  The paperback or soft cover editions of TFA are due to be published in September (UK) and October (USA).  At the same time, in the USA, Mrs Author's companion book, RAIN AND FIRE, will make its proper debut in hardcover.  She is very excited about that.  Remember, this is a companion, a guide book to the series, not an addition.

Now, what can I tell you about the new material?  Well, this is an exciting and challenging time.  We effectively have a blank canvas to work with.  This can be a daunting proposition, of course.  And following the Chronicles is going to be no easy task.  But we do have two ideas that we're slowly beginning to explore.  We've mentioned both projects to our publishers here and in America, and ripples of excitement have come back.  The next stage will be to create a slightly more detailed outline of the projects, with some plot or theme suggestions and maybe some character info, and then we decide which one to pursue.  As usual, I can't say too much about them at this stage.  (Sorry.) Both feature dragons, one much more so than the other.  The dragon idea is high fantasy; the other is much more domestically based.  Interestingly, it's the less dragony one my editors are keenest on - at the moment.  All that may change by October.

So the next four months will be all about exploration.  But one day, in the not too distant future, a big announcement will be made about the new series, and as usual all you blog followers and Twitter peeps will be the first to know about it.  Watch this space...

Until next time.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

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