Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Today's word is: PUBLICATION!

Hello, dragon fans.  This is it!  If you live in America, today is the day THE FIRE ASCENDING is published.  If you haven’t pre-ordered it (ahem), rush out and buy it now!  There are lots of signed copies in Barnes & Noble, Provo, and The King’s English Bookshop in Salt Lake City.  I know, because I watched the author sign them in Utah last week!!
If you keep hearing a clunk while you’re reading this post, that will be him falling asleep again.  Since we returned from our US tour of Texas and Utah, he’s slept on the sofa, the lounge floor, and at the kitchen table (where he nearly put his forehead in a bowl of soup).  He has ‘jetlag’, a common sympton humans suffer from after a period of extended air travel (dragons, of course, understand time and are therefore immune).  There is a seven hour time difference between Utah and England.  So his mind is thinking in UK time, but his body clock is firmly across the Atlantic.  He is ‘out of sync’, he says.  But if you’ve lived with him as long as we have, that would come as no surprise, really.
So, here we are, back in wet and windy England.  But what a time we had in the US.  We spent the last two days of our trip in the relaxed city of Provo, where the author did a clutch of school visits, rounding off his trip with an event at the fantastic Provo City Library.  In their impressive ballroom, he talked for an hour about the dragon books, then signed for a further hour before whizzing to the airport to catch a flight home.  We must extend a huge thanks to Gene, Malia and Courtney (the most energetic community relations person we’ve ever met!) for looking after us so well.  It was a pleasure to meet you guys.  Hrrr!
Trips like these are all defined by the people you meet and the places you go to.  So to round off, here are a few more pictures, and a couple of links to follow, which will tell you something about the time we had in the USA.  The first link is to a wonderful piece of art by a fan we met in Houston, and you absolutely HAVE to visit the second link, which is a message board for the 39 Clues website, written up by author Peter Lerangis.  There’s a lot of info on there, but scroll down and play the SECOND video.  You might see something amusing.
So this is it, dragon fans, the books are OUT THERE.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think.  And remember, you can always post reviews on Amazon or other online stores if you want to.  Until next time.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

Fans in Houston, Texas!

The saloon, where we had buffalo burgers!

The amazing Provo City Library building

Provo - red hot on the street, snow on the mountains!
Peter Lerangis and the author swapping notes

The author with Jim, one of his brilliant media escorts, taking a breather in Park City

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