Monday, 14 May 2012

This week's word is: CHANGE

Hello, dragon fans. Gadzooks is still in deep consultation with the other dragons, so once again it falls to me to write his blog post this week.  As you can see, it's 24 hours late.  Humans, unlike dragons, are not always very punctual.

I thought I might say something this week about where we go next.  When you finish a big series like The Last Dragon Chronicles, the temptation is always to close the laptop and take a break.  Fair enough, really, after twelve years of non-stop writing.  Well, it's now been six months exactly since Zookie and I completed the initial draft of THE FIRE ASCENDING, and it's time to start something new.

Years ago, when Snigger was still chasing nutbeasts and Gwillan was watering Mrs Pennykettle's house plants, I had lots of different ideas for new stories.  Some of them were novels.  Some were humorous young readers.  There were even some picture book texts floating about.  All of them were put aside to concentrate on writing THE FIRE WITHIN.  At the time, no one could have predicted that seven books would appear in Wayward Crescent, but as the series grew and became very popular, all other ideas were shelved - until now.

So one of the things Gadzooks is doing is going back through some of those old ideas to see which, if any, might be polished up before we tackle another fantasy series.  He is quietly confident that a new series will go into production in the near future.  But before it does, you may see one or two different types of stories emerging.  We'll keep you posted about that.

It's always a difficult decision to make when you're thinking about something new.  Letting go of what you know and love is probably the hardest part of all.  The plain fact is, we will never write again about David, Liz, Lucy and Zanna.  Their time is done.  Their story is sealed.  But this doesn't mean that we can't explore other narratives involving dragons.  Commercially, it's a sensible thing to do, because that's what Zookie's followers associate us with.  But don't be surprised if we experiment a little.  After all, when have we ever produced anything straightforward?  That said, I would expect the new series to be a little easier to follow than the Chronicles.  But until I start tapping away, I won't know.

So all I would say is, stick with us through this period of change.  We will always try to bring you interesting, dramatic, challenging stories.  Books that will make you think.  For all you know, what comes next could be the big blockbusting movie series we all hoped for with the Chronicles.  Gadzooks has just written the word TWO on his notepad, which sounds to me as if he has TWO promising ideas he wants to explore.  (He's just said hrrr! in my ear, meaning 'yes'.)  So guess what we'll be doing for the next few weeks?  Yep, trialling them.  Stick with it, dragon fans, it might be about to get a whole heap better...  Until next time.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

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