Thursday, 5 April 2012

Today's word is: OUT!

Hello, dragon fans.  Unless you've been on another planet, you'll know that today, April 5th, is a hugely significant moment in dragon lore.  It is the day, officially, that THE FIRE ASCENDING is published in the UK and Australia.  You guys in America and Canada only have another 3 weeks to wait - but it's worth it!

We are hugely proud to see this book out there.  It will answer so many questions for you, and hopefully leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling about David!  Anyway, we could witter on forever.  It's up to you now to get hold of a copy and read it.  Do tell us what you think!  Until Sunday, when we will be posting the author's Texas and Utah tour schedule (yes, he's going to Utah as well, now), happy reading.  Hrrr!

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