Sunday, 8 April 2012

This week's word is: ITINERARY!

Okay, dragon fans. Hot on the heels of the UK publication of THE FIRE ASCENDING three days ago comes this: the schedule for the author's American tour.  Yes!  One week from now, he will be flying to HOUSTON, TEXAS, to attend a librarian's conference, plus a few other things besides, including some public appearances.  Mrs Author can't wait!  Once again, she gets the house to herself and 'things' will get done, she says!  Mmmmm.

And there's an unexpected BONUS, the author's US publisher has extended the visit with a few days in UTAH as well.  Salt Lake City here we come!

Here's where you can see everybody's favourite dragon hero.  Some details are still being updated.  Please note, some things are liable to change.  If in doubt, ring the library or the bookstore.

Monday April 16th, 4:15-5:30pm
Kendall (609 N. Eldridge)
Not sure where this is! Might be Houston Public Library.

Tuesday April 17th, 4:30pm
Houston Public Library, 609 N. Eldridge

Wednesday April 18th, 7:00pm
Blue Willow Bookshop, Houston
14532 Memorial Drive

Thursday April 18th, 1:30-2:00pm
Texas Teens 4 Libraries, details tba

Thursday April 18th, 4:15pm
Houston Public Library, Stella Link Branch
7405 Stella Link

Friday April 20th, 6:00pm
Barnes and Noble bookstore
1780 North Woodland Park Drive
Layton, UT 84041

Saturday April 21st
Costco Book signing
details tba

Saturday April 21st, 5:00pm
King's English Bookshop
1511 South 1500 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Monday April 23rd
school visits, tba

Tuesday April 24th, 6:00pm
Provo City Library
550 North University Avenue
Provo, Utah 84601

Remember, dragon fans, this is a PRELIMINARY schedule.  We will try to update on a regular basis.

Wow, the author goes to the deep south.  Yi-haa!  We can't wait.  Until the next post, happy reading.  Hrrr!

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