Sunday, 18 March 2012

This week's word is: MOM

Hello, dragon fans.  Don't know about where you are, but in our part of the world today is Mother's Day.  It's the one Sunday of the year where you have to take Mom out, or buy her flowers, or do the washing up for her.  The author's mom passed away many years ago, but Mrs Author's ma is still alive (aged 86, or older than Gwilanna as we often say!) so we all went out to ... a garden centre to buy some pot plants and have a cup of tea and a slice of cake.  This is the done thing in England.  Hrrr.

While we were at the garden centre, the author remarked that it reminded him of the scene in The Fire Eternal where Liz, Lucy and Zanna go to such a place and Liz has to defuse a typical Lucy/Zanna argument.  Almost at the same time we both sighed (well, I blew a smoke ring) and we said, "Isn't Liz a great mum?"  And the author smiled and nodded, but I could see he was a little sad.  "You're thinking about The Fire Ascending, aren't you?" I said.  He nodded again, but said, "More about the emails about Liz, really."

What he meant by this was that ever since Dark Fire, many of you have been writing in asking 'What happened to Liz?'  If you remember, in the original timeline, a spark of dark fire entered her body and Gwilanna foolishly released it.  Fans have been asking us ever since if Liz was okay after that.  Did she survive Gwilanna's meddling?  Well, you'll know by now that we can't reveal too much, but what I can tell you is that the question is answered and forms a massive part of the true role of David in the books.  Ooh...  Anyway, as a little tribute to Liz (everybody's favourite dragon mom) we thought we'd give you a little snippet from The Fire Ascending, and a piece involving her.  It's very surreal and will definitely have you scratching your heads, but it all fits in.  Fans in the UK have only got ELEVEN more days to wait for the book; elsewhere in the world it's a month and 11 days.  Is it worth waiting for?  You bet!

So here is Liz - with the character known as Agawin.  No explantions!  Just enjoy.  Until next time - when there will be another TFA snippet - happy reading.  Hrrr!

She made angels in this timeline.  Angels, not dragons.  Flying humans, inspired by the firebirds, she said.  She liked to experiment with different kinds of media.  Paper.  Card.  Strangely, not clay.  Clay was not appropriate here, she said.  She painted them, too.  In various states of flight.  Hands lifted to the sky.  Soft violet in their eyes.  Just like the beautiful tapestries of Taan, they hung in every room throughout our ‘pod’.  Wherever I looked, a new one would appear.  Yet I saw no signs of brushes or paints, even though she was wearing a paint-stained smock.  More puzzling still, no hammer or chisel for the Isenfier sculpture.  No ‘stuff’ existed at all in the pod.  Just us, the firebirds and Elizabeth’s creations.  I had yet to see Arthur the cat.

            On the second day, after a very long sleep, she sensed I was finding the pod confusing and asked if I’d like to use the tele:computer.

            The tele:computer?

            “Where is it?” I asked.

            “Right here,” she said.

            There, taking up the whole of one wall, was a huge screen.  How, I wondered, could I have missed it?

            “Watch for as long as you want to,” she said.  She tousled my hair and straightened a piece just above my ear.  “You know where to find me.”

            As she drifted away, a gradient of colours swept across the screen, leaving behind a small row of icons.  I stepped forward and touched an image of a pod.  Its title was simply ‘Home’.

            It told me I lived at Wayward Crescent, in the ‘burrow’ of Scrubbley, ‘position’ 42.  A clock with a dateline faded up.  The year was the same as the one I’d left behind, right down to the nearest second (for some reason, I seemed to instinctively know it).


            Wayward Crescent.


            3:15 and 22 seconds.


            Next to ‘Home’ was a flashing icon of a planet.  Blue one moment, grey the next, but not keeping to any regular pattern.  The wording underneath was flickering too, between ‘Earth’ and the slight alternative, ‘Erth’.  I prodded a finger. 

            The icon stayed grey. The screen came back with a strange message:

Information pending

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