Sunday, 15 January 2012

This week's word is: OUT-TAKE

Hello dragon fans.  It's been such a busy week in the Crescent that we've hardly had time to stop and think.  The author is lying down in a darkened room with a cold flannel over his head, saying he is 'proofed out'.  What he means is, he's finished checking not just the US edition of THE FIRE ASCENDING, but the UK one as well. Everything is now on course for publication in the Spring- in both countries.

So, while he's out of action, we thought we'd send you another little clip from the section he had to chop out of the book.  You may remember that Gwendolen posted a large piece of text that was leading up to an explanation of the parallel world, Co:pern:ica.  Well, here's a bit more that follows on from the other bit (plus a short overlap).  It's in Alexa's viewpoint again. If you want to refresh your memories, go back and read the blog post titled HAPPY first.  We think you'll like this out-take.  It tells you something about David Rain...  Until next time.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

            The rise of the Ix sent ripples of fear throughout the fabric of the universe.  The Higher were confused (and somewhat dismayed – a condition completely alien to them).  Never before had their intellect been challenged or dangerously corrupted. 

            They had to act. 

            They looked at ways of containing the outbreak.  Perhaps they should destroy the Earth?  A series of volcanic eruptions would have produced enough toxic ash to poison the atmosphere and choke the planet out of existence.  But killing was a concept abhorrent to the Fain.  Besides, the Ix would probably survive.  They were, after all, a force in the likeness of the Fain themselves.  The destruction of the Earth was not an option.  The Ix must be isolated, caught and transformed.

            But how?

            While they meditated over their course of action, the Higher made one significant decision.  Because the Ix were a product of the human psyche, the Higher created a powerful construct who could move among humans and monitor the actions of Ix on that plane.  They planted their agent in a critical part of the Isenfier timeline.  His role was to track down Ix assassins that would cluster to dragons as the Fain had done. 

            His name was David Rain. 

            Given false memories to help ease him into the household of Elizabeth Pennykettle (chosen because of her links to Guinevere) David wasn’t brought to full awareness until the spear of ice had entered his heart.  It is important to stress that David was not charged with destroying the Ix; his role was to keep them and any lifeform attracted to them (ravens and sibyls, for example) diverted while the Higher’s most spectacular scheme was underway.  Any physicist’s mind would have split in two if they had tried to comprehend what the Higher were conceiving with the strategy they labelled ‘Project 42’.  An astonishing plan that would stretch even their resources to the limit.  Not since the birth of the universe itself had anything like it been attempted before.

            They were developing an alternative version of Earth. 

            Calling on every thread of creativity they had, the Fain encapsulated all the probabilities of multiverse theory and imagineered from it a single, unified, parallel world.

            They named this world Co:pern:ica. 

            The Higher’s idea for it was simple, but profound.  They intended to raise Co:pern:ica to a level of perfection that humans would call ‘paradise’.  A place so full of harmony and joy that their souls would willingly migrate to it, leaving the Ix:Cluster behind and isolated.  Templates of existing human forms, based on the data filtered from the multiverse, were all made ready.  Interestingly, due to what Arthur called ‘quantum fluctuation’, they appeared as different versions of themselves.  My family was a good example of this.  Arthur, for instance, was known as Harlan; Lucy Pennykettle was Penny; Zanna was Rosanna (Rosa for short); Elizabeth, Eliza; Bonnington, Boon.  The one exception was David, who, because of the nature of his being, was always called 'David'.  He could switch between the worlds as fast as he could think, though he was not always aware that he had done it... 

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