Sunday, 29 January 2012

This week's word is: MAROON

Tulips from Agent Ed
Hello, dragon fans. I know what you're thinking: Maroon! He's changed his mind and is going to write an eighth book and the cover will be a maroon dragon.  Hooray!  Sorry.  Nothing to do with covers at all.  I refer instead to the fact that the author has gone into decorating mode.  In the past few weeks he has bought not one but TWO new sofas and they are both coloured maroon.  I kid you not.  Since completing the proofing of THE FIRE ASCENDING, he's been spending time painting and papering the walls of the rooms the sofas are in.  We are all on tenterhooks wondering which of us is going to get sprayed with droplets from his paint roller next. This morning, he dropped some paste on the new grey carpet (maroon, grey, good contrast, yes?).  Mrs Author does not know about this.  SHUSH!  He just managed to clear it up and push a chair over the wetted pile before she walked in with her breakfast.  "What are you doing on your knees," she asked, "- with a flannel...?" He replied, "Erm, dusting the skirting boards..." which of course meant he had to do the whole room.  He should stick to writing books.  At least that would keep him out of trouble.

It would be tempting to think that the flowers you see were the author's way of saying sorry for the paste episode, but they actually came from Agent Ed, who spent a couple of days in the Den this week.  It was great to meet Ed again.  Despite the fact that Devon is basically 'closed' in the winter, we still managed to get out and see a few sights.  Importantly, over a home-cooked dinner of pasta bake and tarte citron, Ed and the author discussed their plans for world domination (of the book scene).  It seems that everyone would like to see our hero write another full on fantasy series.  The author unveiled an idea we've been musing on that Ed seemed to think would be very well-received.  Not wholesale fantasy, but leaning more towards intrigue and adventure - with a strong dragon element.  We will be presenting this to the author's publishers over the next few weeks.  Watch this space...

Finally, we feel honour bound to point out something to the scientific community.  Recently, the dragons have been glued to the TV set watching Professor Brian Cox (a man who must have discovered the enchantments of time because he seems to grow younger every time he's on the telly) talking about stars.  Brian likes stars.  He's a physicist and he knows a lot about them.  He knows a lot about the beginnings of the universe as well, but his time machine still hasn't allowed him to answer the conundrum of what happened in the millimillimillimilliseconds after the so-called 'Big Bang'.  So he should have been tuning in to that well known British TV science show 'Horizon' which aired an episode on just this subject recently.  What did happen at the time of the Big Bang? Another very youthful physicist tried to explainHe drew a ‘timeline’ of the universe on a blackboard – 13.7 billion years on a chalk line three feet long.  Then he moved to the far right end of the line and said, “This is where we are now, in the present day.”  He marked an ‘X’ on the line.  Then he moved an inch back from ‘now’, put another ‘X’ on the line and said, “This is when the dinosaurs lived…  And this is when DNA emerged…” (Another ‘X’) “This is when atoms were forming…” (Another ‘X’)  “And this,” he said, moving to the left hand end, “is when the Big Bang happened.  But it’s this infinitessimal moment of time before the explosion occurred that we don’t understand.”  He stood back, juggled his chalk in one hand, then stepped forward and made another ‘X’.  “Here be dragons,” he said.  We are thinking of sending him a copy of The Fire Ascending just to put him out of his misery.  It's all explained in there. Until next time.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

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