Monday, 9 January 2012

Monday's word is: PROOFED!

Hello, dragon fans.  Forgive the very short blog post yesterday.  We really were up against a tight deadline, reading through the proofs of THE FIRE ASCENDING - the US edition! Bizarrely, the US team is slightly ahead of the British one with this book, but TFA will still be published first in the UK (April) followed a month later in North America and Australia.  It would have been dragontastic to get simultaneous worldwide release, but that kind of thing is out of our hands. We're just glad that no one will have too much longer to wait.

So, what is a proof? I hear some of you asking.  Well, before a book goes for printing, the layouts are checked and rechecked for errors.  This is done by someone called a copyeditor, but we read through the story as well, of course. This is the author's last chance to fiddle with the text, which he normally does right up until the last second.  Can you imagine it?  "STOP THE PRESSES! I FORGOT TO PUT A VITAL COMMA IN ON PAGE 249!" However, this time he was very good.  He made hardly any changes at all, which shows how much he thinks of this book.  His editors like it too.  One of them called it 'fantastic' and the other one called it a 'masterpiece'. Wow. Bet you can feel his head swelling from where you are.  Seriously, there is so much to like about TFA it's hard to know where to begin.  The author tweeted this week that you should look out for part six, the bit where someone vital gets captured and a werewolf turns up and a major character is created from a rag doll... And there isn't a dragon in sight! Not in that section, anyway.  I am going to try to persuade the author to let us include little snippets of the story (really little snippets) in some of the blog posts up to publication, just to give you all a taste of what's coming. Here, for instance, is the epigraph, the quote from the front of the book:

Time is like water; it finds its own levels...

That's a direct quote from one of the characters - but who?

Have fun guessing!  Until next time, happy reading.  Hrrr!

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