Monday, 19 December 2011

This week's word is: BIRTHDAY

Hello, dragon fans. It might seem hard to believe, but the author was 57 this week. He thinks he's getting old, of course. But in dragon years, he'd barely be out of his egg! He wants me to thank everyone who wished him happy birthday, both on twitter and via the website. He says you all got the day wrong (basically, never believe anything you read on Wikipedia). We'll leave you to work out the exact date for yourselves. We're not telling.
Among the cards he received was one from his Aunt (not Aunt Gwyneth, we hasten to add) who sent him two old photographs. One of him when he was six, and one of his mother and father, which is sitting on his desktop as we blog. We did think we might put the mum and dad one up, but plumped in the end for the young author - here he is... Cute or what? Weird haircut...
As for presents. Well, we gave him a conker in its shell that G'reth had found in the garden. Mrs Author bought him his new computer and a DVD of a TV series called 'Rev'. Mrs Author's mother bought him a coconut bar that we in England know as a 'Bounty'. But possibly the best present came from a friend, and that was a remote-controlled helicopter! Guess who hasn't done any kind of writing since his birthday? In all honesty, we didn't really expect him to be scribbling stories while we're waiting for the proofs of THE FIRE ASCENDING to come in for checking, but it's a good job it wasn't deadline week this week! Everyone is having to learn to duck expertly when the thing comes near. The last I saw, it was buried somewhere in the boughs of the Christmas tree with smoke pouring out of its engine...ahem.
So, next week is Christmas Day. Tune in then for an extract from the book! Those of you with very long memories might remember it began, "I was a boy of 12 when I watched a dragon die..." And it's not David doing the watching - it's Agawin. All will be revealed next week. Until then, happy reading. Hrrr!

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