Sunday, 23 October 2011

This week's word is: COUNTDOWN

Hello, dragon fans. Yes, can you sense the tension in the air? Just 8 DAYS to go before the author is officially supposed to hand in the manuscript of THE FIRE ASCENDING, the last of the Last Dragon Chronicles.

So, how's it going, I hear you ask? Well, he stayed very calm last week (despite trying to fiddle with the central heating boiler and spraying water all over the kitchen) and tapped away consistently, producing just over 1000 words every day. That's pretty good for him. Some of them he's chopped out again this weekend. But we're fairly happy and looking forward to finding out exactly who gets bumped off and who doesn't! The big conflict is about to happen. Everyone will be involved, of course, David, Zanna, Lucy, Tam, Alexa, Gawain, Gwilanna, the darklings, the ice bears (yep, they're back), the wonderful firebirds and erm, there has been a suggestion that a certain SQUIRREL might make an appearance. Oh, dear... He's complaining about his fingers, by the way (the author, not the squirrel!). His knuckles hurt when he types, he says. Mind you he types like he's playing the xylophone (badly - hah!) Bash, bash, bash. After TFA is done, he'll be taking a rest...

And did the listener get a name? Yes, he did! It was hidden in a box in the fridge all the time (no, it's not Electrolux). There's a very sweet (if weird) section at the end where he helps Alexa to help the bears to help her father. You'll see when you read it. Absolutely nothing else to report. It's just full steam ahead to the magic two words... THE END. Next Sunday, we'll know definitively where we're at. Until then, happy reading. Hrrr!

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