Sunday, 4 September 2011

This week's word is: SEVENTY

Hello, dragon fans. Tempting as it is to suggest that the reason for the subject header is to do with the author's age, it's actually to do with the number of words reached in THE FIRE ASCENDING. (You have to multiply the seventy by a thousand (hang on, calculator...)) At 3:38 this afternoon our hero was still 309 words short of the 70K, which means he's actually written (don't put the calculator away) 69,691. He's so frustrated at not hitting the 70 that he's gone off to have a cup of tea and a bun. (It's a Sunday afternoon thing.)

Progress on the book has been so slow over the past two months that you'd be inclined to believe that a clever dragon had suspended time (ahem). The house move is the main reason that things have been patchy, but the middle section of the book has required a lot of thought. He is keen to make sure that TFA can be read by anyone new to the series, but we also want to avoid too much trawling over old ground for all of you who are familiar with the books. So what you get is a potted history of the first six novels, told by Alexa. The trick is to make it interesting and add in new information along with the historical stuff - and, of course, it must be seamless. The explanation of the origins of Co:pern:ica (the 'fire world' of the book title) is probably the best and, strangely, the funniest section. Not LOL funny, just faintly humorous. Without giving too much away, the Fain conceive Co:pern:ica but get it wrong. It turns out that the race of 'superior' thought beings are not quite as perfect as they thought (hah) they were. And now a new force is emerging to take control and put the novel through it's final paces. Again, no clues, but the hint was present in DARK FIRE...

Good news for American fans: Mrs Author has finished the US edition companion book to the series (RAIN & FIRE) which will be sent off to the publisher shortly. Bad news for American fans: we don't expect the companion book to come out until the series is finished (i.e. after TFA's release). But hey, at least you'll have had TFA by then.

Thanks again for all your great emails and tweets about FIRE WORLD. Don't forget the paperback is out right now in the UK. Until next time. Happy reading. Hrrr!

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