Sunday, 18 September 2011

This week's word is: FLOORED

Hello, dragon fans. Chris d'Lacey, the author, here. I've given Gadzooks the evening off after he put in a marathon session of thinking, pacing and smoke ring blowing today to give me the inspiration to finish part 6 of THE FIRE ASCENDING. Just one more part and an epilogue to go and that's it: the end of The Last Dragon Chronicles :( Boy, it's been tough in the past couple of months. A tip for any wannabe writers out there: don't ever try to write a novel while you're moving house. As you'll know from previous blogs, me and Mrs Author have been up to our ears in electricians, decorators and plumbers. This week it was the turn of the carpet men, which obviously means we are progressing with the new house if we're putting carpets down - and we were, until we reached the kitchen floor, which was rotten and had to be replaced. This meant the units had to come out, the sink, the lot. I was going to put up a picture of the work in progress. But who wants to see what was basically a pit? Anyway, we're getting there, slowly but surely.

Quick update on Burrito, the stone gryphon who broke his wings. We managed to glue them back with some kind of industrial-strength bonding gunko. He's a little bruised but he's doing fine. If I can find some appropriate masonry paint I'll touch up the chips he lost. He says hrrr!

So, nothing much to report on the books this week. Catherine, my lovely editor, did send me the full cover artwork for TFA. It looks GREAT. A bit more purply than the pic you can find on one of the previous blogs. When I've got time this week, I'll scan it and put it up here as a page.

Anyway, in the absence of having much else to say, I'll answer a couple of questions. These are things I'm asked EVERY week in fan mail. Forgive me if you've already had or know the answers; some of you haven't.

Is there going to be a movie of the books? No news on this at all yet. We have had interest in the past, and I'm sometimes asked to invent my dream cast, but there is no movie scheduled. What I am planning to do, however, is write a screenplay based on the series as a whole which I will then take to Hollywood.

Will there be another book after DARK FIRE? Honestly, I do get asked this all the time. Yes, guys, FIRE WORLD, the sixth book, is now out in paperback in the UK and is due out soon in the USA.

When will THE FIRE ASCENDING come out? TFA is scheduled for release in hardcover in April/May 2012. That's a definite for the UK. Not sure yet about the USA, but it shouldn't be far behind.

Why are there colons in some of the words in FIRE WORLD? This is just a style thing. FW is set in an alternate world that is like Earth but not quite the same. The people there have a slightly different vo:cabulary, that's all.

Will the 'real' David, Zanna etc. appear in THE FIRE ASCENDING? Yes - and no. David is in the book for sure, and the others make appearances. But TFA is mainly an historical book about how things came to be as they are. Don't be disappointed. It's a great book with some terrific storylines, particularly involving Gwilanna, but it's not overtly like the first five books. I had the opportunity at the end of DARK FIRE to finish the series and not leave a cliffhanger. But there were still things I wanted to explore (particularly alternate worlds and some of the early stuff about dragons) so I ran the series on. And I'm glad I did, because FIRE WORLD was just fantastic to write. And TFA has been very interesting too. If I'd had the choice, I would have taken as long as THREE YEARS to write TFA, because I think it deserved a sort of Lord of the Rings saga approach. What you've got instead is a potted history, told by Agawin. Maybe next year I'll sit down and start planning out a saga. I'd like to stick with dragons because I'm fascinated by them now (they're all looking at me). But I can't write about the Pennykettles, obviously. Their 'zeitgeist' is now. They will be done with after TFA - unless I ever write the extended Dragons of Wayward Crescent series. We'll see.

Well, that was a much longer blog post than I was expecting. Hope you enjoyed it! Till next time. Happy reading. Hrrr!

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