Sunday, 11 September 2011

This week's word is: BURRITO

Hello, dragon fans. The author is in everybody's bad books this week. All because of the picture you can see. It's well known that there are lots of dragons in the Crescent, but Mrs Author likes to collect stone ornaments of all kinds. We have eagles, dragons, a badger and even an otter called Valentine in the garden. We also have Burrito, who is a Gryphon. Earlier this week, Burrito was perched on his stand (a stone plinth about three feet high) when the wind got up and the shed door blew open. SOMEONE hadn't shut it properly. Poor Burrito was knocked off his perch and his wings broke in two places (not his ears as the author tweeted earlier this week). Fortunately, the breaks were clean and we hope to be able to glue them back. If not, the author will be sleeping in the shed from now on...

As a result of this, he's kept himself to himself most of the day. He spent most of the afternoon painting the lounge and most of the morning murdering characters! Don't worry. None that you know. As we revealed a few weeks ago, there are several historical sections in THE FIRE ASCENDING and one of them, which is all to do with Gwilanna's upbringing, is pretty gruesome. If you thought it was bad when Gawaine sank her claws into a character in DARK FIRE, you ain't read nothing yet. The new book has a very strong hint of Brothers Grimm about it. We're really looking forward to seeing it on the market.

There have been some fantastic tweets about FIRE WORLD this week. Thank you, everyone, for reading it and taking the time to tell the world what you think. If TFA gets the same sort of positive feedback that FW is getting we're in for a spectacular end to the series. Time to go. He needs another paint brush. Until next time. Happy reading. Hrrr!

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