Sunday, 21 August 2011

This week's word is: EXTRA

Hello dragon fans. Before we start, just a quick reminder that the author is appearing at the Edinburgh Literature Festival this coming Friday, August 26th. It might be difficult to get tickets now, but if you have and you're coming, don't forget to bring any books you want signed. Hrrr!

Believe it or not, the author has just appeared in a movie! Don't get excited. It's nothing to do with us. Still no news about the Chronicles yet. The film in question is a project of the author's good friend Rod Duncan, who, you may remember, has written a zombie flick called, 'How to Make a Movie for 43 Pounds' or just '43 Pounds' for short. Well, tonight they were shooting the final scenes, which all took place in and around a cinema cafe. Now, it's a well known fact that the author is about as good at acting as a polar bear is at threading a needle, but thankfully he didn't have a single line to say. In movie-speak he was what is known as an 'extra'. In other words, he was one of lots of people sitting in the cafe chatting aimlessly in the background - which he can do brilliantly. (You had to be there.) Things got a little more difficult when he was asked to do the same thing - in silence. You try having a conversation where you have to move your lips but no words come out. It's hard! But his real breakthrough came when the director singled him out, along with five other people, to be filmed walking down the street and entering the cinema. He said to the director, "What's my motivation for this?" The director said, "Erm, you're going to see a movie." The author said, "How do you want me to look? Thoughtful? Intelligent? Slightly mysterious?" The director said, "I want you to look like you're going to a movie." The author nodded. "Glasses on or off?" The director frowned. "I could choose someone else for this role if you like?" The author took the hint. He left his glasses on, but took them off and put them into his glasses case as he was filmed approaching the cinema. Genius. We foresee an Oscar. (Not.)

Book news. Well, he's been tinkering all week with Part 5 of THE FIRE ASCENDING which at present is titled 'Being Alexa'. It will probably surprise none of you to hear that Alexa is the character who explains everything. Not only does she tell us how and why Co:pern:ica came into being, she also reveals where Guinevere came from - along with a host of other things. How can a five year old know so much? Well, fans of the books will have guessed by now that there's a bit more to Alexa than meets the (dragon) eye (hah). All will be revealed next year. Plus, Mrs Author has been hard at work on the US version of the Rain & Fire companion book. This is an extended version of the UK edition which will take in ALL seven books of the series. We think it will come out in America after TFA.

This week, the number of people following us on Twitter overtook the number who follow the blog. We like tweeting. It's a good way to keep in touch with the world at a moment's notice. But all the BIG news will still be here. In case you missed it earlier in the week, here's a joke the author liked: What do you call a man who used to like tractors? An extractor fan! Until next time. Happy reading. Hrrr!

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