Friday, 3 June 2011

Today's word is: CONGRATULATIONS

Hello dragon fans. Zookie here. You may remember some time ago that the author's publisher ran a competition to meet our hero and have lunch with him. We thought it was rather brave of ANYONE to enter, given what we know about his tendency to spill crumbs of food down his shirt. But enter you did, by the hundreds in fact, and yesterday the lucky winner got to meet him. Her name was Emma, and she and her best friend Rowan, plus Emma's parents, Mrs Author, and Jess from Orchard Books got together at a lovely restaurant in Bristol called The Glassboat.

It's sometimes a little daunting for fans to meet 'the great man himself' (hah! I do all the hard work!) but Emma & Rowan chatted quite happily for the best part of two hours over a delicious meal. It turns out they are both big readers and lovers of fantasy books. As well as receiving a clone of me from Val Chivers, Emma also won a complete set of the Chronicles, signed there and then. This made her particularly happy because she hadn't had a chance to read FIRE WORLD yet. Her parents were predicting she'd be halfway through by the time they'd got home. All in all, a grand day out was had by all. It's always a pleasure to meet fans like this. Let's hope there will be another competition next year when someone else will get the chance to hear the author slurp his soup :)

Congratulations also to the ten runners-up who received signed copies of the books. We hope you enjoy them. As you know, work is well under way on THE FIRE ASCENDING. Cover artwork coming soon... Until next time. Happy reading. Hrrr!

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