Thursday, 26 May 2011

Today's word is: ALEXA

Hi everyone.  Chris d'Lacey here.  Unusual to have a blog post from the den in midweek, but you'll recall we were having problems with the Blogger software again (I had to stop Gwendolen hurring all over the screen last Sunday).  It works on some machines, but not on others.  (We have a few machines, but if I'm travelling to an event I can't always switch between them quickly.)  Anyway, we are here now so at last we can give you a little update on how things are going.  As Zookie said previously, Angelo Rinaldi is creating something special for THE FIRE ASCENDING cover.  We tried a couple of things that didn't work out.  I was very keen, for instance, to show the eye closed on this cover (as it's the last one), possibly with the mark of Oomara on the lid.  But it just didn't look right.  So instead I suggested that we put an image of Alexa in the eye.  Dragons and Angels?  Wow.  Alexa plays a critical role in TFA.  You won't think so at first because the first third of the book is an historical account of how the character Agawin came about.  If you haven't read FIRE WORLD you won't know about him (READ FIRE WORLD!!) but trust me - well, trust Zookie - Alexa is heavily involved.  When the finished artwork comes in, all you followers will get an exclusive peek at it.

I hinted in a tweet the other day that you learn a lot about Gwilanna in this book, too.  And you do.  Can you imagine Gwilanna as a baby?  What was her history, you wonder?  Well, there is a great back story about her that I'm working on, told from the point of view of a mouse...  A MOUSE?! I hear you exclaim (erm, not a squirrel, Chris???).  Come on, when have these books EVER been straightforward?  Like, never, is the answer.  I'm hoping that TFA will stand alone (i.e. you could read it without reference to the others).  It won't be an easy read if you're new to the series, but it will cover a lot of the saga in a very short time.  And, hopefully, it will explain everything!  (Hopefully.)  Until next time, when Zookie will be back.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

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