Sunday, 8 May 2011

This week's word is: GENIUS

Hello dragon fans.  This Sunday, you find us rolling about on the floor, laughing so much we're in danger of cracking a scale.  A fan tweeted the author this week to tell him he was 'a god and a genius'.  This was a very well meant comment from a reader who clearly appreciates the books.  Hrrr!  But everyone knows that the Pennykettle dragons are the REAL smart ones around here, especially me, who inspires the stories.  To be fair, the author works very hard, and he is the public face of the books.  For that reason, I think we can allow him to be called an 'enigma'.  Yes.  He'd like that.

Talking of work, he's just finished part 3 of THE FIRE ASCENDING, which has taken one of the weirdest twists in all the seven books. We've been watching the tumbleweed blowing around his head as he tries to work out how he's going to explain it.  The twist involves everyone's favourite child, Alexa (another enigma) and explains her origins.  Alexa was born to Zanna, of course, as far back as FIRE STAR.  But there has always been some mystery surrounding her arrival.  All explained - in the space of three paragraphs.  Though don't expect any simple answers :)

So now it's onto part 4, which is tentatively titled 'GRELLA'.  Erm, who is Grella? I hear you ask.  Well, you have met Grella before actually - though you're not aware of it yet.  Tsk.  I'm such a tease!  I'll give you a clue: she's not a dragon.  As for David.  Well, he's...thereabouts.  He and Zanna have appeared in one crucial scene, but not got themselves properly involved yet.  Don't worry, they will.  The whole storyline floats around David as usual, though much of the early parts are devoted to Agawin, the mysterious presence in FIRE WORLD.  Actually, the only prominent character who hasn't shown up yet is Bonnington.  He's kipping in his basket somewhere.  I'll get Gwillan to open a can of Truffgood and wake him up for a scene in part 4.  A fan, Clarissa, sent us this lovely drawing of Bonners, which we had to include because it made us all smile.

We thought you might like the image below as well.  It's the cover of a 'proof' edition of the paperback of FIRE WORLD.  A proof is a copy of a book that is sent out to reviewers before the publication date. They are not for resale because they're not fully checked for errors etc.  Proof covers are usually in black and white (or something very simple), but the author's publisher has done such a nice job with this one we thought we'd put it up on the notepad.  Once again, thanks to everyone who's written in to tell us about the book.  We're delighted by all the positive responses.  The author makes no secret of the fact that FW is his favourite of the series, but TFA is coming up fast.  In the end, it will be up to you lot to decide which is best...  Until next time.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

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