Monday, 2 May 2011

This week's word is: BROADWAY

Hello, dragon fans.  Apologies for the non-appearance of a blog post yesterday.  This was because the author was away on his annual writing retreat, with fifteen other friends from his writing group.  Anyone familiar with previous posts on this subject will know that the group goes to an old farmhouse in an historic and picturesque part of England called the Cotswolds.  Over the course of a weekend the group discussed everything from novel openings to eBook publishing - and there was a lot of eating and general merriment inbetween, including crowding round the TV on Saturday evening to watch the latest episode of Dr Who. The author is considered something of an industry expert and is usually called upon for advice about all aspects of writing - except that I went with him this time, so everyone naturally asked for my advice!  The take home message from weekends like this is that writers are always happiest in the company of other writers.  Writing stories is a solitary business, which is why we encourage young aspiring authors to get together with like-minded friends, so they can swap ideas and generally be inspired by one another.  No one understands writing like another writer.

I'm going to keep the post fairly short this week because there isn't an awful lot to say.  Reaction to FIRE WORLD, from America, has been pretty good.  The most common question asked so far it this: "Is the David in Fire World the same David as the David in the other books?"  Well yes, and no.  FIRE WORLD as we've said on the blog before explores the idea that there might be alternative versions of ourselves in alternative universes, leading similar but not identical lives.  The 'Davids' are linked, but you might have to wait until THE FIRE ASCENDING is published before you really know how.  The author was very pleased that he reached the 45,000 word mark on TFA during his stay in the farmhouse.  As a reward, I let him go out to the place you can see in the photograph below.  He's sitting in front of a 'folly' called Broadway Tower.  A folly is an architectural monument, usually built on the whim of a rich individual.  They tend to serve no commercial purpose, but they often house exhibitions or are used as small museums.  Broadway Tower stands on one of the highest hills in the Cotswolds and the views from it are stunning.  This is usually the sort of place that ends up in one of the dragon books.  Watch this space!  Until next week.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

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