Thursday, 28 April 2011

Today's word is: HURRAH

Hello dragon fans.  Finally we tracked down what's been wrong with our posts to Blogger.  It's something to do with the author's dongle!  Typical.  Gwendolen has temporarily switched us to a machine with some proper dragon auma in it (hrrr!) so that I can bring you this special bulletin about FIRE WORLD.  Rejoice, the book has reached North America.  It came out two days ago and seems to be doing very well, if the various online rankings are to be believed.  Find it, read it, scratch your head over it, but enjoy it for what it is - and tell the author what you think of it (via his website).  By the way, no confirmation as yet, but he was muttering to me the other day that he might like to revisit the world of Co:pern:ica and its firebirds when the Chronicles are done.  I've made a note on my pad...

Also, BIG breaking news this week.  We have heard that Mrs Author's lovely RAIN & FIRE guidebook is ALSO set to be published in America.  We don't know when yet, but we're delighted that it's happening, especially for all of you who've written in asking why you can't get it outside of the UK. This will be a slightly updated version of the UK edition and will include some extracts from FIRE WORLD and almost certainly an exclusive look at THE FIRE ASCENDING (which reached 44,000 words yesterday).  More news on that when we have it.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world in Japan, Gruffen and Gauge are making an appearance again in THE DRAGONS OF WAYWARD CRESCENT series.  Here's a little illustration we particularly like.  Hope to be with you again on Sunday.  Happy reading!  Hrrr!

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