Sunday, 17 April 2011

This week's word is: PROGRESS


Hello dragon fans. Picture a hideous scene. Could it be Gruffen picking his nose with his isoscele? No, it’s the author dancing. All week he’s been trying to do something called the samba. Why? Because we have learned that The Last Dragon Chronicles are going to be published in Brazil. (Welcome Brazilian fans. Hrrr.) This begs the question of course: what does he do for other foreign additions? He didn’t have fahn fahn fahn on the autobahn in Germany for instance (listen to one of his favourite bands, Kraftwerk, and you’ll get that reference), or sweep around in a vampire’s cape when the books came out in Romania (nearest we could get to Transylvania), or go around saying, Have a nice day! to everyone who bought the books in America. But at least he’s happy. That’s something. He’s rather pleased with himself today because he’s over the 40,000 word mark in THE FIRE ASCENDING. Only another…50,000 ish to go. Tons going on, though. That Gwilanna. She’s making her presence felt, as usual. But David’s on her trail. Trust me, the showdown is coming. But there are still plenty of surprises in store. What’s more, he’s just written a long passage which explains EXACTLY what happened at the end of DARK FIRE (and on into FIRE WORLD), even though the characters are thousands of years back in time. Come on, when did I ever make it easy for you? Anyone following the author’s tweets would have noticed that he’s used the word ‘timeline’ a lot in TFA. Yes, we’re dealing with a time slip novel (this is what happens when you let a houseful of dragons crowd around the TV on a Saturday night to watch Doctor Who). Of course ‘time’ is something that dragons understand perfectly well – but humans don’t. As usual, the concepts in TFA aren’t easy to grasp, but the time slip element does mean we can put characters where we want them to be – on Earth or Co:pern:ica. Hmmm. Ah, but I can’t tell you any more than that. I can only blow you a sympathetic smoke ring and say the magic words…2012. That’s when TFA will be published and you can all sit back and say, “Oh, THAT’S what it was all about!” Meanwhile, don’t forget, America, that the wonderful FIRE WORLD is on its way to your book stores NOW and will be available in NINE DAYS time. When you get it, happy reading. Until next time. Hrrr!

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