Sunday, 24 April 2011

This week's word is: APOLOGY

Hello dragon fans,

Anyone who read Zookie's blog last week will have seen that we are experiencing real trouble adding new posts. For some reason, the Blogger software will simply not let us in, or rather it won't let us use its 'updated' or 'new' editor. What I'm using here is the old editor, which is nowhere near as good because we can't manage images easily or format text. This is a very serious problem. We've looked for a solution via Google's help forums, and no one has an answer to it, although other people have suffered from it. If any of you out there are experienced bloggers and know of a fix, please email me at or tweet me @chrisdlacey

We do have some news to report and some nice images to show you from a Japanese edition of The Dragons of Wayward Crescent books, but I'd rather not put them up until we can fix this issue. We're going to try swapping to a different computer to see if that helps, so you may see some interim posts. In desperate circumstances, we'll close down Zookie's Notepad and start up a new blog and see if we can't import all our followers. Once again, really sorry that this has happened, but it appears to be outside our control. The dragons, as you can imagine, are pretty upset about it.

One last thing: FIRE WORLD is out this coming TUESDAY in America and Canada. Enjoy. Let us know (via the email address above) what you think of it. Until next time, happy reading. Hrrr!

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