Sunday, 20 March 2011

This week's word is: SUPERMOON

Hello dragon fans.  I've given Gadzooks the day off as he's still a little 'moonstruck' this afternoon.  For those of you who don't know, roughly every eighteen years or so the moon's elliptical orbit brings it on its closest path to the Earth.  If you're lucky enough to see it, you might notice that it's bigger and brighter as it passes through the night sky.  Astronomers will tell you that it has no effect on the planet whatsoever.  But dragons, of course, revere the moon as much as they love snow (read ICEFIRE if you want to know why).  Traditionally, the moon is associated with a dragon's birth or a dragon's death.  It's well known that a dying dragon will wait until the moon is at its fullest before shedding its fire tear.  And queen dragons have been known to time their eggs so that their wearlings pop out on a new moon.  (It's thought to give the young ones wisdom.)  Well, I'm happy to report that none of our dragons died last night (though Gruffen fell over on the sofa, asleep, at one point), but there was a lot of muttering about a new 'something' being born.  People keep asking me if THE FIRE ASCENDING really will be the last of the dragon books and I keep saying, "Definitely. YES!"  But the way Gadzooks was pondering this morning makes me wonder if there isn't too much story still left to tell in one book.  Maybe he's thinking of an eighth? Or maybe he's just making up poetry?  Who knows?

One thing I can tell you is that THE FIRE ASCENDING is coming along fine.  A little slower than we'd like, but the story is good.  A lot of you write in asking can I give a summary of it or post a few chapters up on the website.  Sorry, guys, I can't do that.  My publisher won't allow it - not until the book is completed at least.  I can talk about the book and my hopes and aspirations for it, but I can't give too much away.  And really, honestly, you wouldn't thank me if I did.  The true fans want the book in their hands.  They want to read the conclusion in their favourite armchair, not in scraps printed off from the Internet.  Let me say this: TFA has a very historical feel to it.  It goes right the way back to the beginning, to the end of the last dragon colony on Earth.  In the early parts it tells the story of the mysterious character, Agawin, who appeared in FIRE WORLD and his relationship to Guinevere and Gawain and everyone's favourite villainess, Gwilanna (boo!).  It's great stuff.  Puts it all into perspective.  But what about David, Zanna and Zookie?  Oh, don't worry, they will be in it too.  Ultimately, the story will be theirs and theirs alone.  But as the series is called 'The Last Dragon Chronicles' it's only right that we should chronicle something of Gawain's life...yes?

Last week Zookie reported that Val Chivers, the lady who makes the dragons shown on my website, was having problems with her email.  I'm glad to say that's all resolved and you can contact Val again now.  She'd be pleased to hear from you.

One last thing: Facebook.  Lots of you track me down on Facebook and send messages telling me you like the books.  While I'm always happy to hear from fans, I'd prefer it if you wrote to me via my website email,  I'm not a big user of Facebook so I don't enter into dialogues there.  I will respond to messages on Twitter, but again don't send me too many because regular tweeters will know there's nothing worse than seeing someone flooding the timeline with their own personal messages.

That's it from me.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Zookie will be back next week.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

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