Sunday, 27 March 2011

This week's word is: SILHOUETTE

Hello dragon fans.  It's me, Gadzooks.  I'm back.  Did you miss me?  I was indeed having a ponder during the supermoon last week, mainly about the villainess, Gwilanna, who is featuring heavily in THE FIRE ASCENDING at the moment and making a nuisance of herself as usual.  Wow, what a background SHE has.  We can't wait to unleash that one on the world of dragon lore.  Hrrr!  As you may have seen from the author's tweets, it's not just Gwilanna who's made an appearance.  Gawain popped out of his egg a few thousand words ago.  And this week it was the turn of Thoran, the brown bear who becomes the first polar bear, to enter the story.  When you add an eagle called Gideon to this, who was the first ever firebird (you meet them in FIRE WORLD) you can see how important this story is and why so much thought is going into it.  There has been a lot of scribbling on the pad these last weeks.

But for now, I want to leave the book and show you some pictures, beginning with this week's header word.  Not long ago, the author was invited to attend a dinner at a conference in Basingstoke.  During courses, a charming young lady called Alison Russell came round the tables, cutting silhouettes of the guests directly onto black card.  This is the one she did of the author.  As you can see, she has been very kind and not made his nose too big or his hairline too receded and only given him one chin!  Mmm.  Normally, he HATES being photographed in profile.  (It's the nose.)  But he loves this.  'Pure genius,' he called it.  And we agree.  Go and have a look at Alison's lovely website.

And finally this week, we thought we'd finish by showing you a few dragon pics.  These were sent to the author by some children at a school near Swindon, the last one he visited on his recent tour.  Glade thinks her picture is wonderful.  And we'd like to thank the boy who wrote a note saying the author was, " funny. Absolutely historical." I think we'd all agree with that!!  He was practically around at the dawn of dragons.  Till next week.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!  PS. 300 followers now.  Fantastic!

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