Sunday, 30 January 2011

This week's word is: VOSS

Hello dragon fans.  A fairly short post this week, but an interesting one, we hope.  Keen followers of the author's tweets will have picked up on the fact that he was pleased with himself a few days ago, because he'd finished part one of THE FIRE ASCENDING.  Faithful blog followers may remember that I mentioned how the word 'Voss' had appeared on my notepad, out of the blue, not long ago.  Well, Voss turned out to be a villain.  A nasty one at that.  And the first part of the new book has been titled after him.  Of course, I'm not allowed to tell you what happens or what part Voss has to play in the saga, but I can say this: What we're doing with the seventh and last book of the series is examining, in depth, the entire history of the Chronicles.  That means going back to the time when the last twelve dragons were on the Earth.  It's pretty gripping stuff.  You have Mrs Author's word on that.  Normally, she reads a new book chapter by chapter as the author produces them.  This time, he shut himself away and wrote the whole section without chapter breaks and would only show it to her once it was done.  She read it in an hour this afternoon.  21,549 words.  She only had one comment, "Fantastic".  And you might think she's biased.  But take it from us, she's as fierce as a sibyl when it comes to criticising his work.  So everyone in Wayward Crescent is blowing smoke rings right now.  Oh, and for those of you who write in and ask why we don't make movies of the books, write no more.  This is the one.  Not signed up yet.  But stunningly filmable.  Dragons.  Unicorns.  Seers and sibyls.  Darklings.  The Fain.  Skogkatts!  Remember where you heard it first.  Until next time.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

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