Sunday, 16 January 2011

This week's word is: MEGAN

Hello dragon fans.  One week on from the publication of FIRE WORLD and the reaction so far has been very positive.  No one has written to the author yet to say they've read the entire book, but lots of you have read the opening chapter (click on 'Sample Chapter' above if you haven't already) and you seem to like that.  It has made one or two of you scratch your heads and ask, "Erm, is this the same David who was in DARK FIRE or is he in another universe at the same time...?"  Well, read the whole book.  I hesitate to say, 'all will become clear'.  We wouldn't be the dragons of Wayward Crescent if we made it TOO easy for you.  But the book will put it more into context.  What we're wrangling with, as usual, are the concepts of time and reality.  Albert Einstein would have been proud of us.  Hrrr.

At the end of last year, the dragons were excited to hear that a certain lady, whom we shall simply refer to by her first name, Megan, was rejoining the author's publisher, Orchard Books.  Ten years ago (eleven, actually, Gwendolen's just said) Megan was the author's editor.  She 'discovered' his first novel - the pigeon story Fly, Cherokee, Fly.  At the time, Megan was working for another publisher but left them to join Orchard, shortly before Cherokee was published.  However, clearly recognising the author's potential, she encouraged him to send her something, which he did - a squirrel story no-one else was interested in.  It was, of course, Snigger and the Nutbeast.  To be fair, Megan herself didn't think it was right to publish.  Talking squirrels, as cute as they were, were not what the publishing world was looking for.  But the author persisted.  He decided to tell the story through human eyes and set up a situation with a landlady and a lodger and squirrels in the garden.  Megan liked that a whole lot better.  But there was still some key ingredient missing.  The story needed a magical spark.  Now, what might provide that...?  Erm, HELLO!  It was around this time that the author discovered me at the 'real' Mrs Pennykettle's craft fair.  He realised it was a good idea to put us into the squirrel story, but it was Megan who suggested he let us do things.  In other words, we have Megan to thank for getting the series started.  Without her, we'd still just be lumps of attractive clay.  Megan left Orchard just before FIRE STAR was published.  But tomorrow, she's back.  (Lots of happy scales rattling here.)  Megan, has a LOT of story to catch up on, including the lovely Dragons of Wayward Crescent books, but we are all very excited to have her involved again.  Watch this space!  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

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