Sunday, 19 December 2010

This week's word is: SCUFFENBURY

Hello dragon fans.  'Tis the Sunday before Christmas and we have a nice surprise for you today.  Have a look at the picture below.  It may look a little odd at first, but if you cast your minds back to the end of DARK FIRE it will begin to make sense. 

Yes, this is an image of the final scene at Scuffenbury Hill.  See Alexa holding me?  David and Zanna?  Tam and Lucy?  The Shadow of Ix?  This illustration appears as a frontispiece to FIRE WORLD.  The reason it's there is because this scene is pictured on a tapestry guarded by firebirds.  Now I'm not allowed to say any more than that.  But the tapestry is what links FIRE WORLD and DARK FIRE together.  We have to thank the author's publisher for granting us permission to use it.  So thank you Orchard Books.

We also want to say a big thanks to the author's American publisher for sending us what are known as 'proofs' or 'advanced reading copies' (ARCs) of the US edition of FIRE WORLD, which comes out there in May next year.  ARCs are sent out to major retailers and reviewers etc. to encourage them to buy in the book or post reviews of it in bookselling magazines and so forth.  DON'T ask the author to send you one.  He can't.  He's not allowed to.  These are strictly for the book trade.  And they are not for sale.  As you can just about see from the scan of the back cover, there will be a video book trailer, plus all sorts of advertising and promotional stuff.  Exciting.  We'll keep you posted with developments on the notepad as always.

Nothing much else to report.  He is hard at work on the rather dramatic beginning of THE FIRE ASCENDING and we're all off to help Mrs Author put the Christmas decorations up.  We will save our proper Christmas greetings until next week.  In the meantime, happy reading.  Hrrr!

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