Sunday, 12 December 2010

This week's word is: MILESTONES

Hello, dragon fans. We open this week with a big thank you to the author’s friend, Rod Duncan. Sometime last year, I forget exactly when it was, Rod came over to Wayward Crescent to make a short promotional film of our hero talking about DARK FIRE. The whole thing was scripted and shot within the space of 24 hours and was put up on YouTube shortly afterwards. Rod mailed us a couple of days ago to say the film has now had over 10,000 viewings. Hrrr! Most of you who follow the blog will have seen it, but if you're new to the notepad and the books, here’s the link.

The dragons like Rod. He’s a man with vision, and one of the most underrated talents we know. He’s in the middle of making a ZOMBIE movie right now (yes!) which we will flag up on the notepad as soon as it’s available to be seen. Rod and the author have talked briefly about making another promotional film for FIRE WORLD. This time, rather than have the author talking straight to camera, they are keen to do something a little more…dramatic. Any dragon who has ever seen the author trying to act would probably be tightening their eye ridges hearing that. But Rod is a gifted director and if anyone can make the author watchable, it’s him. It probably won’t happen while Rod is still immersed in zombies (messy business), but I shall be jotting some ideas onto my pad and we might aim to film something in the second half of 2011, to coincide with the marketing campaign the author’s publisher is planning for the release of the paperback edition of FIRE WORLD. Don’t forget by the way it’s now only TWENTY-FIVE DAYS or thereabouts before the UK hardback of FW comes out. We received some advanced copies this week and the book is STUNNING to look at. All the dragons have been pawing the copy on the kitchen table. Regular followers might be wondering why we haven't illustrated the title in red, orange and yellow as normal.  It's because the cover of the book is predominantly orange.  Originally we were thinking of having lots of 'flame' colours on the cover artwork.  But when it came in, it was clear that the orange should dominate.  From now on, that's how you'll see it on the blog.
Another milestone we’re close to reaching is 250 followers on my notepad. The number stands, as I write this, on 249. Come on, dragonworld. One more would be FAB. I am really delighted that so many of you follow my weekly ramblings. I have considered becoming more ‘philosophical’ and blogging about things other than the author’s books. But I know that he regards the notepad as a little treasure trove of info for all those readers dedicated to the Chronicles. Here, after all, is where you get all the best and most important news FIRST. Where else would you come to learn that he’s planning to make the opening of THE FIRE ASCENDING one HUGE chapter that might be as much as 20,000 words long. And that it will be more in the style of a regular fantasy story – at least at the beginning – telling the remarkable history of Gawain, the last true dragon on Earth. And what if I told you that at the beginning of FW is a drawing of the final scene from DARK FIRE, after the battle at Scuffenbury Hill. Hmm. There’s something for you to think about. There is a very good reason for having this image, as you’ll come to learn when you read FIRE WORLD. And for all those of you who’ve been writing to the author asking what exactly happened at the end of DARK FIRE … well, you don’t have long to wait for an answer. It might not be the answer you hoped or expected (or predicted) but the link between the books is definitely there. No more clues. Until next time. Happy reading. Hrrr!

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