Sunday, 26 December 2010

This week's word is: DAVID

Hello dragon fans.  As it's Christmas, I thought I'd bring you a little treat.  You've often heard it said that David Rain, the hero of The Last Dragon Chronicles, is based on the author as a young man.  Well, here, for the first time on the notepad, is the evidence of it.  Yes, this is the author, aged about...12  Sorry! 23.  Note the 'mop' of dark brown hair, the greatcoat(!) and the, erm, flared denims.  The VERY flared denims.  The less said about them, the better.  Believe it or not, that building behind him is a library.  Not the library that features in the books, with the gardens and the squirrels etc. That was a few miles away.  But a library nonetheless.  He wants me to comment on how handsome he was as a young man ("What, when he had hair?" Gretel has just said.) but I think we'll let you lot be the judge of that.  This image, by the way, is just one of several interesting photos you can find in Mrs Author's wonderful RAIN and FIRE guidebook.  Dash out and buy it right away!  It's a very good read.  This shot was taken about a year before he met Mrs Author.  This is what she fell in lurve with, aah.  It's still one of her favourite photos of him.

Now then, I know you're all busy with presents, but don't forget that the fantastic FIRE WORLD is out on January 6th in the UK and - oh, hang on.  What's this?  Yes, very funny.  Gwendolen has just hacked into the pad and posted the picture below.  I'll give you one guess who it is?  Yes, it's me when I was a baby dragon.  Look at the cutesy eyes.  (The pad and pencil are tucked away under my wing.)  This was taken when I was still on Mrs Pennykettle's workbench in the Dragons' Den, a few days before she gave me to David.  We mature very fast!  Anyway, Gruffen has been working on a song for you.  It goes like this: "We wish you a hrrr-y Christmas.  We wish you a hrrr-y Christmas.  We wish you a hrrr-y Christmas and (wait for it) a hrrr-y New Year."  Brilliant.  They don't write them like that any more.  Have a fantastic holiday, everyone.  We're going out sledging!  Only 11 more days till FIRE WORLD.  Exciting!  Thank you for reading all my posts this year.  We're all looking forward to 2011, even if it will be the final year for the dragon books.  Gulp.  I'll keep you updated with all the info as it comes in about THE FIRE ASCENDING.  Until next time.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

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