Sunday, 7 November 2010

This week's word is: TWITTER

Hello dragon fans - wait!  Was that a bird?  Was it a plane?  Was it G'reth doing figures of eight around Bonnington's ears?  No, it was the author TWEETING.  Yes, fans of our hero can now follow his daily routines on Twitter (he is @chrisdlacey, whatever that means).  We wait with bated snorts to see what pearls of wisdom will come off his phone.  "Itch on my knee, just scratched it."  "Run out of milk, popping to the shop." He's just seen me writing that and has assured me that he won't tweet anything banal.  He will only use the service to say something interesting (what, we really have run out of milk???) or to keep fans (sorry FOLLOWERS) up to date with current book developments.  He thinks I've got the hump because my blog might become redundant.  No chance!  Where else can you see pics of the covers or photos of events etc.  By the way, we've just had the proper cover run outs for FIRE WORLD and they look AMAZING.  Even though I say it myself, this is just the most fantastic book.  Dare I say it, the best in the series.  Hrrr!  The author is currently reading through the American proofs, which means that will be in production soon.  Very exciting.  Then, of course, it's full puffle ahead for THE FIRE ASCENDING.  More on that in the posts leading up to Christmas (47 shopping days to go).

Last week, the author had a fantastic time up in Scotland. It was a delight to visit George Watson's school in Edinburgh again (hello Alison!) and the primary in Cumbernauld whose name annoyingly escapes me.  Lovely children.  Great audiences.  For the first two days, the author was the guest of the wonderful Scotia Books (thank you Linzi, Anna & Jim) and got to stay in the fantastic Boathouse Hotel in Kilsyth. Scotland, like Wales, is a country with stunning scenery.  We particularly enjoyed the train ride from a little station called Croy to the city of Dundee on the east coast.  Wish we could have got a photograph of the Wallace Monument in Stirling to show you, but it was too dark (google it up).  In Kilsyth, the author went out to dinner at a superb Chinese restaurant where one of the waiters gave him a dragon! There's a picture of the dragon below.  He looks a bit regal, but he's very friendly when you get to know him.  On the third day, we visited The High School of Dundee.  Very spectacular.  What a place to go to school!  Great kids and two brilliant librarians in Catherine and Julie.

Anyway, for now, back to the proofs.  Until next time.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

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