Sunday, 28 November 2010

This week's word is: SNOW

As in, hooray! We’ve got some. Dragons LIKE snow. Fans of the Chronicles will know why, of course.  When Gawain, the last dragon in the world cried his fire tear, it fell into a northern ocean and formed what you know as the Arctic ice cap.  The ice from that region therefore contains small traces of dragon auma, which has gradually spread into the atmosphere and sometimes falls in flakes… So when we heard that the recent cold ‘snap’ over the UK had blown in from Siberia, we were all very happy and putting our paws out of the windows, hoping to catch a flake or two so we could commingle with the memory of the great dragon.  All the author wished to do, however, was try to break the record for the most T-shirts, sweaters and coats a man can wear at one time.  The last I saw of him he was muttering about something called anti-freeze for his car.  I shake my scales in despair.  He’s been in a funny mood lately.  He really wants to get started on THE FIRE ASCENDING, but ‘life’ as he puts it, keeps getting in the way.  This is the eternal conundrum for a writer.  They will do anything to put off sitting at the keyboard and opening themselves up to the creative universe, but they also get very twitchy if they don’t write for a while. Fear not dragon fans.  I’m not like that.  Little does the author know that during this period of what he calls ‘inactivity’ I have been gently commingling with his consciousness, dropping a few ideas into his brain.  Almost as if I’ve been snowing in there J.  Mind you, there’s plenty of room.  If you look through his ears (G’reth and I can do this, of course) all you’ll see is tumbleweed and windmills (and a shredder – honest, you can hear it going when he’s asleep).  Rumour is there’s a tiny kitten in there as well that likes to poot a small ball around his skull now and then, but it seems to sleep in one of the windmills and doesn’t come out very much.  Anyway, my ideas haven’t quite crystallised yet, but when they do, he will find himself writing about the history of Gawain and a rather important character called Agawin, whom you will meet – or learn of – in the next book.  I have also found myself doodling the name ‘Voss’ on my pad just recently, and it chills me to look at it.  I think there could be a connection to Gwilanna there.  Hmm.  Time will tell.  Next week, a report on Agent Ed, who is coming to speak at the author’s writing group.  Ed is rather upset that no photograph of him has appeared on the blog yet.  We plan to put that right.  Until then, happy reading – and don’t forget, it’s only FORTY days now until FIRE WORLD comes out in the UK.  Hrrr!

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