Sunday, 21 November 2010

This week's word is: HORACE

Hello dragon fans.  We don't usually talk about anything other than the Dragon Chronicles on the blog these days, but we had to put in a mention this week for one of the author's older books, 'Horace', which has just come out in a Japanese edition.  Horace is one of those stories that he affectionately calls a 'domestic drama'.  In other words, a story about general home life that might happen to any ordinary boy or girl.  In the book, a young boy finds an old teddy bear (called Horace) in a charity shop.  He wants to buy it but the shop won't sell it to him because it doesn't have a safety label on it.  So the boy and his mate nick it from the charity shop trash after the shop has closed.  This gets them into all sorts of trouble - especially when they find out that the bear is worth a cool £30,000.  We love Japanese covers (remember the brilliant ones we showed of the dragon books?) because they always pick up on the various aspects of the story.  So we have a drawing of a girl with a broken leg, a confused policeman and an ice cream millionaire.  If you're wondering how it all fits together, get the English version of Horace from the library.  It's a good read.  One of the author's favourites.

Nothing significant to report from Wayward Crescent this week, though on the theme of foreign editions it appears that the dragon books are going to be translated into Turkish.  As soon as we have a cover image to show you, we will.  Now that FIRE WORLD is all done and dusted it's really just a question of blowing a few smoke rings while we wait for it to appear.  Scales are rattling in feverish excitement all through the house because we think this is the book of the series - so far.  The author's publishers clearly think so too.  In the UK, 1,000 advance copies of the book will be going to reviewers and librarians, while in America that figure is something like 2,000.  Don't forget, the book comes out in the UK during the first week of January.  That's about SIX WEEKS from now, and the US release won't be far behind that, in May.  We are all looking forward to seeing what you make of it because it's so, so different from the rest of the series - and yet so familiar too.  No clues.  You have to just wait and see.  Love those firebirds!  Till next time, hrrr!

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