Sunday, 10 October 2010

This week's word is: INTERVIEW

Hello dragon fans.  Here's a little treat for you - a rare interview with Mrs Author!  The very first, in fact.

The author has been away for two weeks doing events, did you miss him?

Not half as much as the dragons did! It was all I could do to stop fire tears being cried left, right and centre. Chris forgot to tell them he’d be back soon…

Will you ever do any events yourself?

It’s unlikely that I’d do any, solo, but I often go with Chris to sell books. So it’s not beyond the bounds of reason that I might add my two-pennyworth to his talks at some point.

How much of Rain & Fire did you actually write?

It’s easier to say what I didn’t write. Chris wrote the preface (the story of how David first arrived at Wayward Crescent) and obviously all of the pieces quoted from the novels. He had also already done some of the major character profiles for his Australian publisher’s website. I pinched these and elaborated on them, as well as adding in some more minor ones. All of the rest was Mrs Author’s own work!

Do you have a favourite part of R&F?

Chapter 9. It’s called ‘Whistlers, Wastrels and Woebegones’ and contains the only known photograph of David Rain!

Was it easy, writing about someone you know?

Easy-peasy lemon squeezy! I’ve got 32 years’ worth of our shared history to draw upon.

Did he try to interfere with the book?

Yes! But I’m more than a match for him and warned him off in no uncertain terms. I can be a bigger dragon than all the Pennykettle ones put together.

Talking of which, who is your favourite dragon?

Well, of course, it has to be you, Zookie. How could you ever think otherwise?

Which is your favourite Chronicles book and why?

TFE. The Fire Eternal is brilliant because its hero doesn’t even appear in it. Weird or what? I love the strength of the female leads. Liz and Zanna’s journey through loss and grief to their ultimate triumph over adversity is tremendously inspiring. (Instead of using stars as review symbols, I use tissue boxes. TFE was a five-box classic.)

Who’s your favourite non-dragon character?

Can I pick two or three? David, of course, has to come top of the list because he’s based so heavily on Chris, my ever-loving. I also have a soft spot for Russ the helicopter pilot in Fire Star, as well as Tam (cor!) Farrell – love his fashion sense! Oh, and Winston the teddy bear. Superb bit of casting.

Will you be writing any more books about dragons in the future?

Assuming that this book is well-received, I trust I shall in due course be writing a couple of update chapters for a revised version of it, once books six and seven have been published and the series is complete. Other than that, watch this space.

You’ve read Fire World. Can you tell the readers anything about it?

I’ve read it many times as I do the first-line editing and proofing for all of Chris’s books before they go to his publisher. It gets better and better after each reading. It’s really unusual in that, six books into the series, it can be read entirely as a stand-alone story as well as part of the Chronicles as a whole. I don’t think I’m giving too much away if I let you into the secret that this part of the story takes place in a parallel dimension to Earth. That may sound peculiar, but it will all make perfect sense by the time you get to the end of book seven.

Have you any last comment to make to the author’s fans?

Just hope you enjoy the guide book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Hrrr!

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