Sunday, 24 October 2010

This week's word is: COVER!!

Hello dragon fans,

At long last it's here! The fantastic cover for FIRE WORLD.  Some of you may have already spotted it online at the Amazon website, but that one has the wrong typography.  This is the official version, which will soon replace all others.

The creature shown in the dragon's eye is a firebird, not a phoenix as many people first think.  I can't tell you too much about the firebirds yet, except to say they are related to dragons via eagles ... mmm.  Once again, Angelo Rinaldi has painted the cover, and this book is dedicated to him in grateful thanks for his hard work (and genius) over the years.  The full cover, laid out, looks like this (though it's still being edited):

You probably won't be able to read the blurb from that, so here it is too:

Aurielle looked at the woven picture and sighed. So beautiful, with its wide green hills and its dragons flying gracefully around the valley. And yet so menacing, too. It seemed to tell the story of a great battle… But what did it mean?

In the great librarium on the world of Co:pern:ica, an ancient tapestry, guarded by firebirds, is about to have its secrets unravelled – a process which will bring together the ec:centric boy, David, the evil Aunt, Gwyneth, and a dangerous force from the other side of time… Isenfier is about to begin, and the worlds around it may never be the same again...

Aurielle is the firebird in the dragon's eye, and Isenfier is the name given to the battle that David and the dragons had with darklings over the Vale of Scuffenbury.  The rest you will just have to wait for, sorry...  Until next time.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

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