Sunday, 31 October 2010

This week's word is: ABOOKANDAHUG

Hello dragon fans.  No doubt there are those among you who think that ABOOKANDAHUG is not technically a word.  That it's really five words contracted into one.  Well, hrrr, to that.  It's my blog and I decide what's a word and what isn't!  Actually, it's the name of a fantastic website run by a lovely lady called Barb Langridge, who interviewed the author during his tour of the United States in May.  We feature it on the blog today because the interview was filmed and has just gone live on the site.  This one is a little different from the last one we posted, because Barb grills our hero about altermative universes and creative techniques.  If you want to see it - and we thoroughly recommend you do - go to and click on the Books Alive tab at the top of the screen.  You'll see the author's interview listed alongside a whole list of others (including Christopher Paolini, author of 'Eragon').  ABookandaHug is a wonderful site, dedicated to reading and the promotion of books.  We were terribly impressed by Barb, because not only did she ask some searching questions, but she'd read all five books in some detail.  We wish her well with the site.  Hrrr!

This week, the author travelled to London for a meeting with his UK publisher, Orchard Books.  There he ate several chocolate mini-rolls, ahem, and chatted about promotional plans for FIRE WORLD, which are likely to include a competition of some sort and something called a 'blog tour', which I am particularly excited about.  More on that in future posts.  The publisher is very keen for him to have a greater online 'presence'.  The subject of Twitter was raised.  Gwendolen, everybody's favourite IT dragon, is looking at the possibility of getting the author 'tweeting'. All we will say for now is 'watch this space'.  There may be an announcement about this soon... 

It is, of course, Halloween today.  Normally, we don't 'celebrate' this as such in case Gwilanna comes round trick or treating, but we all got a shock yesterday when the author opened his mouth to reveal a fang.  We thought at first that he was genuinely morphing into a dragon, but it turned out that all he'd done was broken one of his incisors on a ginger biscuit! We told him, as he rushed off for an emergency appointment at the dentists, that he should have stuck to mini rolls - they're a lot softer (and he didn't even bring one home for us).  Until next time.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

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