Sunday, 26 September 2010

This week's word is: CHAMPERS!

Hello dragon fans.  At last, it's here!  Mrs Author's guide book to the Chronicles is published!  It was due out on October 7th, but the publishers in their wisdom have seen fit to release it early.  In case you can't remember it (as if you wouldn't) here's the stunning cover. 

Brilliant, isn't it?  We really like it.  Gretel says she posed for it (which is not true, but we're not going to argue with her).  The guide book is packed full of interesting things about the author and how 'he' came to write the Chronicles.  Plus there's a character list, which many of you ask him for, and a glossary of all those strange words like 'auma', which get you confused from time to time.  There are also three or four lovely illustrations of scenes from the books.  I can't show you one here because it wouldn't be fair to publicise them on the blog before the public have had a chance to see them within the pages of the book.  But give it a couple of months and I'm sure we'll get permission to put one up.  Sadly, you can't get the book in the USA at the moment.  That situation may change, but for now all you ardent fans across the Atlantic would have to import it.  As far as we're aware, the book will appear in Australia, though.

If you buy Rain and Fire, look for the sneak preview of Fire World.  It is only a small extract, granted, but enough to give you a flavour of what the next book is like.  AND you get a reminder of the fab competition that the author's publisher is running, which will allow one lucky fan to have DINNER with our hero.  You don't have to buy the book to enter the competition, you can simply visit the Chronicles website at  However, you DO have to be a resident of the UK or Ireland to enter.  This is because we live in England and it would be quite a feat of organisation to fly in a fan from overseas.  Sorry.  At least the competition itself is easy.  You just have to visit the website and answer what the title of the first book in the series is.  I can't tell you, but I can give you a clue: it's got FIRE in the name!!

So, Mrs Author, having worked quietly in the background for years, reading manuscripts, proofing texts, talking through plots and generally supporting me while I try to inspire the great d'Lacey has finally got the chance to have her name in lights too.  She's not the type for the red carpet.  And champers (that's short for champagne by the way) is hardly likely to pass her lips either (though she might be sent some from the publisher).  No, what Mrs Author would want is whether or not you enjoyed the book.  So if you buy it online anywhere and want to put up a review of it, please do so.  She'd be glad to see your comments.  Until next time.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

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