Sunday, 8 August 2010

This week's word is: MOTHS

Hello, dragon fans.  As I write this the author is inside a wardrobe (that's an armoire or a closet, if you live in the USA).  I would love to be able to tell you that he's found a secret door in the back of it, which leads to a land of lions and witches.  Sadly, this is not the case.  He's installing some kind of moth deterrent, which seems to consist of him getting amongst the clothing and sticking a piece of paper onto the wardrobe back.  I asked if I should write 'MOTHS GO HOME' on it for him, but he didn't think that was very funny.  Then he banged his head and that just put him in a bad mood.  This all started when Mrs Author found that some fur had been chewed off one of her favourite teddy bears.  Now, there are a lot of things Mrs A will put up with, but foul play with the teds is not one.  So began a rigorous vaccuuming of all those areas one wouldn't normally go with a hoover, just to persuade the little chaps to think again about laying their eggs near a cuddly toy.  Gretel found some red cedarwood essence amongst her potions which we think will do the trick.  She also offered to hurr on any she saw flying about, but we thought that would be a bit cruel. 

No cover image.  Not yet.  Puh.  We have it, but we're not allowed to show it until its foiling and lettering and blurb is done.  Won't be long now.  We did unveil it briefly in some libraries in the lovely county of Dorset this week.  The children who saw it all seemed to like it and many of them said, "What's that in the dragon's eye...?"  A-ha.  It's become quite a thing now, deciding what we do with the eye and how subtle to make it.  This one isn't subtle (not like The Fire Eternal, for instance) but it is beautifully done.  We think you'll love it.  AND, big news.  For the first time ever in one of the novels we're going to have a proper illustrated frontispiece.  Remember the dragontongue at the front of Dark Fire?  Well, FW will have its own drawing, which will be a proper scene from the book AND (here's a bit of a teaser) that scene will also have been in Dark Fire too.  Work that one out!

If you've emailed the author recently and he hasn't got back to you, don't worry, he will.  He's been working very hard on the FW manuscript, picking up on some suggestions from his editor, Catherine, and a few other queries from Mrs A.  He also took time out, as you just read, for a day of talks.  We'd like to thank all the staff of the libraries in Weymouth, Dorchester and Ferndown for their help, particularly Nicola, who took us out to lunch. (Hrrr!)  We still don't understand the significance of 'Space Hop' their reading initiative, but the posters look good!  Sadly, we didn't have time for photographs.  This is very remiss in a lovely place like Dorset.  I was urging the author to stop the car and take a snap of a carving I spotted in one of the many chalk hills.  Sometimes you get giants.  Sometimes you get white horses (or even unicorns!).  I'm telling you, I saw an old boot!  LOL.  You had to be there to appreciate it.

Anyway, assuming our hero comes out of the wardrobe in time, we'll be back next week, hopefully with that brilliant cover.  If anyone has any natural moth remedies, don't hesitate to let us know.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

PS. Here's a nice pic from a fan called Natasha.  Bit small, but you get the idea.

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