Monday, 2 August 2010

This week's word is: MIXED

Hello dragon fans.  What a strange week it's been.  A mixed one as people say.  We're a little bit late with the blog first of all because we've all been out to the cinema tonight.  This was Mrs Author's belated wedding anniversary treat.  She and the author have now been married for THIRTY ONE years.  That's over twice the average age of his readership!  He was supposed to take her out a week ago on the actual date, but he was too busy, he said.  This did not go down well with Mrs A who insisted he take her to the movies tonight or do the washing up for a month.  The movies won.  So what do you think we saw? The new Twilight film?  How To Train Your Dragon? (excuse me?!) Avatar? No. It was Toy Story 3. And very good it was too.  Mrs Author cried when the toys went safely to a new home (aah).  We liked the little aliens and 'the claw'.  Can't say too much or we'll spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it.

On the writing front, the author is still editing away at FIRE WORLD, sharpening up the dialogue and making general improvements etc.  He's on part three, which happens in a place called 'The Dead Lands'.  Sorry, no clues.  You just have to use your imagination for now.  He was fretting like mad this week when his laptop suffered a problem with a hinge, meaning it couldn't be closed.  Gollygosh was there with his toolbox right away to fix it.  It's useful having a healing dragon close at hand.  So that held the editing up for a couple of days, but he's caught up now and is still very happy with it all.  He's calling it 'the best' and that's saying something after Dark Fire.  Tomorrow we're expecting the finished artwork for the cover.  So if all goes well and everything is approved, it might appear on the blog next week.  Excitement!  FW will be dedicated to Angelo Rinaldi, the wonderful artist who created the covers.  It's the least we can do for a man who has done so much to create the 'brand' image of the series.

Elsewhere this week the house was full, thanks to a visit from the author's brother's family.  Marshall (the brother) is the creator of the Icefire website.  So it was good to see him, and fun to have some family around.  Marhall is a keen photographer.  He was clicking away all week.  So some of his shots might appear on the notepad soon as well.  In the midst of all this, the author received a message from his best friend, Terri, saying that her mother had died.  That was very sad.  All the dragons sent a great big hrrr!  Terri is an artist who helped develop the dragontongue you see at the front of Dark Fire

Anyway, it's officially Monday in England so we really ought to post this and go to bed - not that dragons ever really sleep, of course, we just go into different types of stasis.  Fingers crossed next week we'll have the cover.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

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