Sunday, 18 July 2010

This week's word is: MUGSHOTS

Hello dragon fans.  We haven't seen much of the author this week.  He's had his head in the folds of his laptop, doing 'tweaks' as he puts it to the narrative of FIRE WORLD.  He's gone back to the beginning, which is like 'another country' he says as it's months, of course, since he started the book.  The official 'tweaking' won't begin until his editor, Catherine, has read the whole story and come back with any comments.  But I'm pleased to say he was walking around with a big smile on his face after he'd read the first ten chapters or so.  That means he's pretty happy with it.  Phew.

Talking of his face, Mrs Author has been doing one of her most important jobs and taking photographs of him for the hardback cover.  She has asked me to show you her favourite three to let you guys decide which we should pick.  Personally, we think they are all capable of cracking a dragon's glaze, but one must be chosen all the same.  Let us know.  Pics below.

Not much else to report, really.  Oh yes, remember the competition to win the chance to have your name in the book?  Sadly, that's not going to happen.  The publication schedule won't allow it.  But we might try to do it for the last book, cos it's a good idea.  Maybe we'll have two winners: a boy and a girl.  I'm told there will be a FIRE WORLD competition still, but to win a chance to have DINNER with the author.  Crikey, as David would say.  You'll have to be brave to enter THAT!  I've seen the way he spills stuff on his T-shirts.  I'd come in goggles and a bib if you win.  I imagine this will be limited to fans in the UK.  More info when we know.

Okay, that's it for this week.  Agent Ed is arriving tonight to spend a day with us.  So the hoover's coming out.  Ear plugs in everyone.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!


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