Sunday, 30 May 2010

This week's word is: HOME

Dear dragon fans, I'm sorry to report that I have made it safely back to Scrubbley but the author has not.  As you can see, he is in the captivity of a Lake Jesup alligator ... we wish! Seriously, just in case you're all concerned that he won't make it to his computer to finish Fire World, let me reassure you that we landed safely at Birmingham International Airport on Thursday (though his bag somehow ended up in Manchester. Hah!).  He has been asleep ever since.  He says he is suffering from something called 'jet lag', which as far as we can tell is simply an excuse to stay in bed.

The author's last day in America was taken up giving media interviews.  He thought it was great fun sitting in a TV studio answering questions about the books, though he was concerned that the camera would get his 'right side' (not that he has one).  The first interviewer he talked to was the wonderful Barb Langridge, who you can see a picture of here.  Barb was a true professional, who gave a fantastic summary of the books at the start of her presentation and had really done her homework on them.  She asked our hero all sorts of questions about the origins of the fain, the beginnings of the universe and the truth about dark matter.  It was a good job I was there in his lap (just out of shot - drat) to give him the answers to the hard ones!  Barb's interview will be aired on the Books Alive section of her brilliant website  We're not sure when it will happen, but when it does, I will put the link onto the blog and Gwendolen will add it to the website.  In the meantime, go and surf the site - and meet Barb!

We barely had time to catch our breath before our media escort, Edie, whisked us to Washington to be interviewed by the lovely Rachel at WETA, Washington's local TV station.  This session was a little less formal than Barb's and the camera here focused on the author alone.  Make up would have been wasted on him, but at one point his unruly hair had to be 'patted down' by an attractive young lady.  He seemed to enjoy that (tsk!).  Rachel's questions were a little more general than Barb's and she allowed him to talk for as long as he liked.  And boy, can he talk!  He got to tell the story of Gregory Peck, the injured pigeon he once found and read a little from Dark Fire.  This interview was taped for a reading scheme called Reading Rockets. As soon as we get the link you'll be able to see this one too.

And that was it.  Time for a little more sight-seeing in Washington, before the journey home.  Overall, we really enjoyed our trip across 'the pond'.  We met a lot of lovely people and one of us ate a LOT of food. Several fans have already asked why we couldn't visit places like Michigan or Chicago or Arkansas.  Well, guys, we'd love to, but the schedules are decided by the author's publisher.  It's been suggested that we might go to the west coast next time.  San Francisco, Los Angeles... look out!  Happy reading.  Hrrr!

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