Sunday, 2 May 2010

This week's word is: COTSWOLDS

Don't forget, DARK FIRE is now out in America!

Believe it or not, the author has been away on yet another writing weekend, this time sharing a house with 14 fellow authors in the beautiful village of Gretton in a region of England called the Cotswolds. If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “England’s green and pleasant land” and wondered what it’s all then you should visit this wonderful world of rolling green hills and country lanes. But what really sets the Cotswolds apart from other places in the UK are the buildings. Most of the houses are built from beautiful honey-coloured stone. They are so picturesque it’s like they’ve come out of a fairy tale. If you ever get the chance, do visit the villages of Broadway or Burford or Chipping Camden. They are just amazing.

To be fair, the author isn’t on this weekend simply to enjoy the scenery. He has been attending workshops and other writing events, and this very morning led a discussion on the topic of eBooks. All of you will know about the revolution that occurred in the music industry a few years ago when it became possible to download music from the Internet (Gwendolen does it all the time). Well before too long this will be commonplace with books as well. Some authors are concerned that the book, as we know it, will disappear. But there are many advantages to digital media. In the future, books that are published in an electronic format are likely to be highly interactive. Think what it would be like to be reading Dark Fire and then finding out that at the click of a button you could see a picture of Gawain or David – or me! Yes, there are many things computers can do. So the author believes that instead of being afraid of the changes, we should embrace them. In a way, of course, I already have. Because although I have a pad to scribble on, the blog is electronic…

Anyway, I have to keep the message short this week because I have to go and sit in on another writing session. This time next Sunday, the author will be waving bye bye to Mrs Author for a couple of weeks and flying to America! AND, as promised, I will then show you the stunning
cover for Mrs Author’s guide book. Until then, happy reading. Hrrr!

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