Sunday, 7 March 2010

This week's word is: WBD

Hmm, I know what you're thinking. 'WBD' is not a word. How would you humans pronounce it, for instance? 'Wubud'? Or 'Wubbed'? The thing is, I have been known to write phrases on my pad, or even acronyms, which is what WBD is. It stands for World Book Day, and you would have needed to be on another planet all week not to have noticed it. WBD is a day when authors, book sellers and people in the media aim to raise awareness about books. Children's authors, in particular, are very active, visiting schools and libraries, basically in an attempt to get you all READING. The author, naturally, has been out and about. He has been talking solidly all week. He is lying down at the moment in a darkened room trying to recover, though he's got more talks to do next week, poor lamb. (Mrs Author, by the way, is staying at home for now, working on Rain and Fire.)

On WBD itself, we travelled to a place called Bramhall, in the county of Cheshire, England. We were delighted to visit Simply Books, which in 2009 won the title of best independent book shop of the year in the UK. We had a fantastic time, meeting children not just in the shop itself, but in local schools as well. I rarely show pictures of the author on the blog, but here's one of him preparing for a talk. Can you see the sort of 'pilot' headset he's wearing? This isn't part of the normal act. He put it on so that a child who was hard of hearing could listen in. The gentleman he appears to be elbowing in the head, by the way, is Andrew, who co-owns Simply Books with his partner, Sue. Andrew, strangely, is an old friend of the author's. They were in the same college together at York University and hadn't met for 30 years. They didn't recognise each other at first, probably because they both had much more hair in those days! So a lot of reminiscing was done, and lots of cups of tea and cake were consumed in the Simply cafe. If you're ever in that area, we urge you to drop into the shop. It really is a lovely, thriving place.

Okay, next week, after the last few talks, the author will be returning to his writing. He hopes to finish the manuscript of FW before he jumps on a plane for his short tour of America. Only 54 days before Dark Fire is released over there! Till next time. Happy reading. Hrrr!

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