Sunday, 17 January 2010

This week's word is: DIET

Hello dragon fans. We begin, this week, with a shock announcement: the author is officially FAT. Mrs Author, who has been telling him for weeks that his jeans haven’t actually shrunk in the wash, decided to prove it this morning by inviting him to step on the bathroom scales. The scales appeared to be shuddering slightly at the idea, and no wonder. When our hero stepped on, he clocked in at no less than 14st 1lb. That’s nearly 200 pounds. Or 89 bags of sugar. Or about 360 bananas, which is probably what he’s eaten to make him that size. He is presently running round the block in an attempt to remove enough ‘tummy’ to be able to see his toes again. Next week he’s on a diet of soup and water biscuits. We are saying nothing.

A lot of you have been writing in wanting to know how Val Chivers is doing after her hospital visit. I’m pleased to report she is doing well. Mrs Author had a letter from Val this week. Val wrote, “I had the procedure in a lab, not a theatre. It took 3 hours and I was awake all the time. The specialist told me that it would feel like I was eating warm potatoes. All I can say is those potatoes were red hot and moving about. It wasn’t very nice, but after a couple of hours I was able to get up and walk around. Now I have to rest for a week – and it’s driving me mad.” We’ve told her to spend the time making dragons. Get well soon, Val.

Gruffen is a very happy dragon right now. Earlier this week, the author’s editor, Catherine, received a copy of a review of Gruffen’s story from the USA. It appeared in something called the HORN magazine. We over here don’t know the magazine, but this is part of what the reviewer, Robin L. Smith, had to say:

Early chapter book readers who are fascinated with dragons and mermaids and the like will flock to this new offering, the first installment of a promising series. The author creates a magical world, in which dragons use their “auma” to communicate with one another and go solid when nonbelievers are about, but one that is firmly grounded in the real one. There are cell phones, grouchy neighbors, and a dandy mystery that young readers will be able to solve on their own, thanks to the well-placed black-and-white illustrations. Children who love tales of talking dolls and stuffed animals will feel right at home on Wayward Crescent and will welcome the sequels to come.

A dandy mystery. We like that. Hrrr!

Lastly, the title of the guide book has been decided. Thank you for all your suggestions. We considered them all, but in the end the publishers decided to stick with RAIN AND FIRE: A GUIDE TO THE LAST DRAGON CHRONICLES. Catherine has promised us a ‘mock-up’ of the cover soon. When we have it, we’ll show you. Until then, happy reading. Hrrr!

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