Sunday, 31 January 2010

This week's word is: BOGGLED

Hello dragon fans. Yes, it’s happened. Four months and forty thousand words in, and the author has reached a state of BOGGLEMENT. That’s right, Fire World is finally beginning to confuse him! I’m not talking about the concept of the book (that’s truly fab). No, it’s more where the story is going. Don’t worry. He gets like this with every one he writes. He enjoys building up the mystery very much. ‘Intrigue’ is his middle name. But when it comes to that point in the story where the mysteries have to be unravelled and the problems resolved, he sometimes goes round in circles for a while (a bit like Conker) until he remembers he’s got me beside him, sharpening my pencil. I’m going to let him stumble around in the dark for another week and then I’ll scribble a couple of things down on my pad. He’s got more events coming up soon, anyway. And he never writes well while he’s doing them. Last week he was in Wales again, land of the dragon. He has asked me to say a huge thank you to anyone who might be reading this who came to hear him speak, or anyone who helped to organise things, particularly Margaret, the nice librarian who drove him around and fed him one night. Hrrr!

Interestingly, someone came up to the author at an event not long ago and scoffed at the idea that I could ‘predict the future’ on my pad. “How could writing something down make it happen?” the boy said. Well, this is something that has fascinated our hero ever since the first day he started to write – and way before he met me. It also muddled David Rain for a while in The Fire Within. Poor David could not understand how the inspirational words I scribbled down for him while I sat on the windowsill at Wayward Crescent could apparently come true moments later in the garden. Well, fans, prepare to be BOGGLED yourselves. I can’t explain it in too much detail. You’d need G’reth for that and he’s just fallen asleep in a plant pot with Bonnington. But the theory goes like this. Everything we do in the present is immediately committed to the past. Once it’s in the past, no matter if it’s even just a fraction of a second, we can experience it through our five senses and log it in our memory. Therefore we call it real. Are you with it so far? However, the writers among you will no doubt be aware of what it’s like to have an inspirational or intuitive idea sometimes. But where does inspiration come from? Is that also real? What if inspiration was really just the future calling to us or drawing us to it? Now that’s something to rattle your scales, don’t you think? The thing is, dragons are quicker at recognising the future than humans are. So I see it and I write it down on my pad. And as soon as the author reads it, it’s real to him. Interesting, eh? Hands up anyone who’s still awake? Till next time. Happy reading. Hrrr!

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