Sunday, 26 April 2009

This week's word is: OOMARA

The other day, the author asked me what my favourite word was. I drew my eye ridges together and told him I'd think about it (right then, I was pondering about book six of his series (!) and didn't really want to break my concentration). Being the impatient soul he sometimes is, he therefore decided to tell me his favourite word, which was ELBOW. And then he said, "Or CRIKEY. I like that a lot as well." I blew a smoke ring and carried on musing. When I'm in this mode, I'll sometimes want to scribble down a word on my pad. Strangely, on this occasion, a word did not appear. I drew three lines instead. I drew something called The Mark of Oomara.

Those of you who've read the books will know what I'm talking about. The mark of Oomara is a mystical symbol that features in the stories and sometimes appears on the heads of polar bears - and on the arm of the beautiful Zanna {{sigh}}. People sometimes write to the author asking what this symbol actually looks like. Well, he won't tell you and neither will I. We prefer to leave it to your imagination. However, there is a short sequence in Dark Fire that gives more of an explanation of the symbol and here, as a little treat for all you faithful followers, is the very first public snippet of it. This is as much as I'm allowed to show you until the author puts up the PowerPoint presentation he's readying for his website (which he tells me is 'ace'). Oh, and by the way, the answer to his question. What's my favourite word? HRRR of course. More about that in another blog...

From Dark Fire by Chris d'Lacey
The polar bear shuffled its shaggy-haired feet. “There is power in the symbol," it said. "It can be used for good or evil. Once, it caused a war across the ice and came to be known as the mark of Oomara. The lines represent the lives of men, bears and dragons. But they are not in harmony. This is why they do not meet. Yet the force which keeps the lines apart also holds them close, so that each always dreams of alliance with the others...”

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